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Frequently Ask Questions

You can count on us for ongoing support. Every time counts and we pride ourselves on being here to help throughout the process of making a payment. We have listed some of the questions we often get asked below.

Transfer funds to UKMoneyWire

Once you have created your payment instruction you then need to transfer the payment total to the local UKMoneyWire bank account where you are or pay online. This is a domestic internet banking transfer and you will not be charged for this by your bank.

Payment made to recipient

Once we have received your cleared deposit, into our local account, we will make the payment to your beneficiary. In most cases payment is completed the next working day after funds have been receive.

Can I bundle multiple payments together in one transfer?

To help ensure the prompt release of your payment, it is advisable to send a separate transfer for each individual payment instruction placed. If you must make multiple payments due to online banking limits, please let ukmoneywire support staff know via lodging a support message.

How do I transfer money from my bank account to the ukmoneywire account?

You need to use your banks internet or telephone banking services to deposit funds into the ukmoneywire bank account. Account details will be provided in your payment confirmation email. It is essential that you only send funds from your personal bank account and no one else's. Please remember to add your 8 digit customer number as payment reference so we are able to identify your funds.

I am having trouble uploading a document through the site, what is the best option?

The most common reason for this problem is the file type or size. If you are still having problems, please email your documents to us at info@ukmoneywire.co.uk, We will endeavour to process your account for upgrading as soon as possible

Are there minimum and maximum amount limits for payments?

The minimum amount for any UKMoneyWire payment is £5.00 not including the fee.
all customers are required by law to provide documents to verify address and identity. However you can make one payment of £800.00 before your account has been verified. Then as a personal customer, you can make payments of up to £9,900.00 from your UKMoneyWire dashboard.

Why is my verification taking a long time?

At UKMoneyWire we use a range of online verification systems to ensure our security against fraudulent payments. While sometimes these return positive matches instantly, in other instances this may take some time. It is nothing to worry about, if we need more documents we will be in touch. If you need to verify your account urgently, simply send us a support request and we will let you know what we need.

Is there a receiving fee to be paid at the other end?

NO! Unlike the banks we do not charge a receiving fee at the beneficiary end. The fee that you pay from the originating country is the only fee associated with the payment and the amount sent to your beneficiary is the amount they will receive.

What amounts do fees apply to?

Fees apply to all payments. For transaction below £100 are charged at £4.29 fixed, For amount greater than this, we charge in Percentage. The amount will be show when creating your transaction

What currency exchange rate will apply to my payment?

When you create your payment through your profile you will be given an exchange rate, which will match the rate quoted on the website. In all cases, this is the actual rate you will receive and it will apply to your transaction as long as you immediately transfer funds to our account. Please note: If you do not immediately transfer funds to cover the value of your transaction and the fee applicable then we reserve the right to cancel your transaction. Booked payments are only held open for two working days.

Is UKMoneyWire cheaper than the banks?

We are significantly cheaper than the banks no matter the amount your sending. An independent price comparison service* have proven this.

How can UKMoneyWire provide money transfer services so much cheaper than the banks?

Essentially it is because the banks are burdened with huge rental and marketing costs. As a purely online business we are able to operate with a much lower cost structure and pass these savings on to our customers in the form of more competitive rates and lower fees.

What charges apply to making a payment with UKMoneyWire?

Fee amounts is based on transaction volume, The higher the amount the lower the percentage

When do i get a free payment?

A free payment will be automatically added to your UKMoneyWire account after every 10th successfully paid transfer.


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